We send our correspondent Tom out into the world and he reports back with bite-sized chunks of day-to-day living.

Although he tries to focus on human interest stories, there’s no agenda and there’s no set formula. He simply writes about what stands out and hopes it reflects his quest to gain a greater understanding of the world at large.

We’ve found his particular favourite is Southeast Asia, and if you asked him nicely, he’d say Indonesia has been the real standout country so far. “It’s the diversity of such a huge country, you see,” he often says. “Here you have a mind-boggling mix of culture, religion, history, conflict, language and natural beauty.* And a lot if it is so under-reported! You’ll be sending me to Papua next, won’t you?”

We might do.

Press him further and he’d say Central America and Africa have also had a profound effect.

We’re very lucky to have such a passionate traveller on our hands. Tom wants to go everywhere and see everything. As an experienced newspaper editor he’s got a real knack for getting to the heart of the matter and knocking stories into shape, chiselling away at them until they engage fully with the reader.

We’re also extremely benevolent – if you want him to write for you, get in contact with him! We won’t be offended. In fact, we’d be delighted to see him spreading his wings further. Try tweeting @twdunican or emailing tom.dunican@gmail.com.

*He didn’t specify what he meant by that

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  1. I’d agree with Indonesia being the standout. Nice blog and fun intro. Hope they send you to Papua! Thanks for the follow.

    1. Tom Dunican says:

      Yes, I hope so too! Thank you for the kind words. I like your Bromo story very much.

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